Gibraltar’s patent pending Integrid™ MAX Fence System is the strongest fence introduced in the fence industry to date that doesn’t carry a ballistic rating. The system was tested and certified by a qualified independent test laboratory to ASTM F2781-15. The fence system utilizes an all welded frame design with proprietary connections that leave no exposed fasteners when the fence is installed.

integrid max fence system by gibraltar

The Integrid™ MAX Fence System was designed within the post parameters of Gibraltar’s patented Combination Fence System which holds an ASTM F2656-07 M50 P1 certification. This allows for a seamless replacement of the fabric with the Integrid™ MAX Fence System and adds strength to the already certified vehicle barrier and anti-personnel fence combination. Gibraltar can also offer customized post caps to accept concertina, barbed wire, spikes, camera poles, lights, etc.

cut test integrid max

Gibraltar achieved the following ASTM F2781-15 certifications for the Integrid™ MAX Fence System:

Aggressive Threat = 17 Minutes (A17)
Medium Threat = 42.6 Minutes (M42.6)
Low Threat = 60 Minutes (L60 – Test ends at 60 minutes and the system was not fully breached)

hcis comparison

Gibraltar exceeded all HCIS requirements set forth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the ASTM F2781-15 test performance of the system.
Gibraltar’s Integrid™ MAX Fence System is a great perimeter fence solution for oil, gas, energy, nuclear, mission critical, data center, airport, water treatment, military and border site end users.

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