Gibraltar: The Global Leader in Anti-Ram Perimeter Barriers and Security

The most secure sites require the utmost in perimeter security. To that end, Gibraltar offers its G-FORCE series, a selection of five passive barrier and anti-ram systems designed to protect secure facilities from both vehicle impact and breach. All perimeter barrier systems are fully crash tested and can be configured to meet practically any need. When used together and in conjunction with a selection of active vehicle barriers to provide critical access control at all entry points, a full 360 degrees of perimeter protection is possible.

G-FORCE Anti-Ram Perimeter Barriers

In the past, anti-ram and perimeter barrier systems tended to be prohibitively expensive, due to their complicated installation methods, excessively deep foundations, and the resulting need for lengthy construction windows. As a result, many clients with high security needs requested an intelligently designed system with easier, more efficient installation, lower material and installation cost, and shallower, more manageable foundation depths. In response, Gibraltar’s G-FORCE series was born. The G-FORCE series ticks each of the requested boxes, as it offers a more straightforward installation and design process, affordable yet high-quality and high-resistance materials, and a broader range of foundation depths.

combination fence

Like the systems of the past, the G-FORCE series provides optimal, 360-degree protection of secure buildings, personnel and assets. However, superior design and technology provides enhanced perimeter protection certified to ASTM F2656-07 M50 P1, ASTM F2656-07 M40 P2, and ASTM F2656-07 M30 P1, capable of withstanding impact at velocities of 50 mph, 40 mph, and 30 mph.

G-FORCE Post & Beam

Long considered the anchor of the G-FORCE series, the Post and Beam Anti-Ram Fence provides superior boundary protection with industry-best material and labor efficiency. These cost savings are made evident in the installation phase and passed on to the secure facility, allowing increased security access to clients across multiple sectors in an efficient manner. Unlike the similarly efficient Brace and Beam system, the Post and Beam system does not require bracing, allowing it to occupy a much smaller footprint and making this system an optimal choice for many clients.

combination fence
brace beam barrier

What’s more, Post and Beam barriers provide no compromise when it comes to strength and security. Gibraltar has extensively tested and provided certification for the Post and Beam Anti-Ram Fence in six separate speed and force combinations. This crash testing has certified the Post and Beam fence to ASTM F2656-07 M50 P1, M40 P2, and M30 P1 standards; thus, it can be found on the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Department of Defense (DOD) approved anti-ram barrier list.

G-FORCE Post and Beam Anti-Ram Fence is a critical part of Gibraltar’s anti vehicle barrier (AVB) offerings; this series also includes other perimeter fence components as well as anti-ram bollards, wedge barriers, drop-arms, vertical lift barriers, and crash-tested, anti-ram gates. This product is available as a stand-alone option, or in conjunction with Gideon™ Fence System fascia. With either option, the standard appearance is hot-dipped galvanized steel, but clients may also choose from powder coated black or military tan finishes, as well as additional powder coat color options via a customized quote.

G-FORCE Combination Fence

Originally designed for use in Saudi Arabia and implemented by a client in need of both anti-personnel and anti-vehicle fence barrier options, the G-FORCE Combination Fence provides optimal crowd and vehicle barriers for sectors that need dual control. In addition, its continuous, shallow 12” foundation allows for ease of installation without the need to disrupt current utilities or perform grounds maintenance around the base. Clients with existing, personnel perimeter controls in need of vehicle protections, such as chemical plants, industrial refineries, airports, and prisons, will find value in the G-FORCE Combination Fence.

combination fencing
combination security fencing

What’s more, this product provides additional benefits beyond other systems that simply incorporate an anti-personnel system and an anti-vehicle system side by side. While the G-FORCE Combination Fence is crash tested and certified for ASTM F2656-07 M50 P1, many side by side systems are not crash tested together, presenting the possibility for unplanned failure. All Gibraltar combination fences are designed to provide both anti-personnel and anti-vehicle protections simultaneously, and are crash tested in their final configuration.

This product is part of Gibraltar’s perimeter anti-vehicle barrier (AVB) offerings, along with anti-ram crash gates, drop arms, vertical lift barriers, wedge barriers, and bollards. It is included on the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) approval list for US Department of Defense anti-ram barriers.

G-FORCE Brace & Beam

The second of two Gibraltar shallow foundation G-FORCE systems, the G-FORCE Brace and Beam system has a maximum depth of 12”, allowing for minimal disruption of existing utilities and other components. In addition, this system has been designed to allow for easy contractor installation, reducing the amount of time and invasive construction procedures from the beginning of the installation project to the end. This provides a much more cost-efficient vehicle barrier system for all involved.

Currently, the G-FORCE Brace and Beam system is one of only two shallow foundations, crash tested, anti-ram systems available that is rated to Gibraltar’s high standards. The Brace and Beam system is crash tested and certified to ASTM F2656-07 M50 P1, providing a significant level of anti-vehicle protection on its own. Alternatively, this system is crash tested and rated to be used alongside Gibraltar’s Gideon™ Fence System products.

brace beam barrier
brace beam barrier

This product is an essential component of Gibraltar’s anti-vehicle barrier (AVB) perimeter series, along with options like bollards, drop arms, anti-ram crash gates, wedge barriers, and vertical lift barriers. Available in the standard galvanized steel, powder coated black, or powder coated military tan, the Brace and Beam system is also available in custom color finishes by specialty request.

Reach out to Gibraltar for specs, custom requests, and other information regarding anti-vehicle barriers and crash rated fencing. Simply complete the contact sheet at your earliest convenience and a representative will respond as soon as possible.