Data centers are responsible for the storage of large amounts of data. As industries continue to increase in the utilization of data across different sectors it has given rise to a very exponential growth in the amount of data centers on the landscape. The protection of data centers, their power and keeping confidential and proprietary information out of the wrong hands is crucial.

Gibraltar is the premier manufacturer in the design and testing of anti-vehicle barricade products to prevent vehicular entry and sabotage of the systems at data center sites across the globe. Our anti-ram barrier portfolio has options that can provide 360-degree protection all the way to the fence line. Key products that are typically utilized in data center protection start with our patented line of crash-tested and certified Post & Beam Perimeter Fence Systems. The Post & Beam Fence System can be standalone or integrated with our Integrid™ Fence System featuring a 358 Welded Wire Mesh that has zero fasteners. The post & beam system can be provided as well with our highly requested Gideon™ Fence System design. Access control products such as our patented and award-winning G-2000 M50 P1 Electric Wedge Barrier and our G-5500 Sliding Crash Gate complete the protection around an entire facility. Our G-1150 M50 P1 Shallow Mount and G-1350 M50 P1 Standard Mount Bollards provide protection where pedestrian egress/ingress is required, but security ratings need to be maintained.

Gibraltar’s extensive product portfolio is ready to secure your data center from potential vehicular and personal threats and keep your assets safe.
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