The airport industry is a large sector that falls under the review of Port Authorities, the Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Transportation. Millions of passengers pass through airport terminals on a daily basis. Over the years there have been thousands of perimeter breaches along the airside fuel farms, taxiways and runways as well as incidents of vehicles pulling onto sidewalks on the landside departures and arrivals terminals.

Gibraltar has product lines that have been deployed at multiple airports across the world to protect the facilities, personnel and pedestrians from errant or intentional vehicular impact.

Gibraltar’s G-1441 M40 P1 Ultra-Shallow bollard is crash test certified to ASTM F2656-15 M40 P1 and requires only 5” (127mm) depth making it a great option for terminal bridge deck applications. Gibraltar’s crash test certified G-1150 M50 P1 Shallow Bollard and G-1131 M30 P1 shallow bollard only require 12” depth making them great options for lower decks as well. Gibraltar offers multiple crash test certified wedge barriers, crash gates, and perimeter post & beam anti-ram systems to provide protection on all areas of the airport perimeter.

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