Gibraltar’s patent pending Integrid™ IS Fence System provides ultimate deterrence and delay to intruders wanting to go through the system. Gibraltar had the Integrid™ IS Fence System cut and breach tested to ASTM F2781-15 standards at a 3rd party accredited test laboratory.

integrid is fence system

The fence achieved a M18.7 rating on the discretionary medium threat testing with an 8 lbs. fire axe and 18v disc grinder. This rating means it took the attack team (2 people) 18.7 minutes to cut a 4 square foot hole through the system. The fence performed very well against the aggressive threat as well achieving an A10.1 rating with the 18 inch gas powered chop saw, meaning it took 10.1 minutes to breach the fence with a 4 square foot hole.

integrid fence cut testing
cut testing integrid is fence system

Gibraltar developed the Integrid™ IS Fence System to meet the Class 1 Fence requirements set forth by HCIS in Saudi Arabia. The system is a great option for substations, utilities, airports, nuclear, etc. that need a delay in their fence systems for team response. The system utilizes zero exposed fasteners once erected and is completely tamperproof. The Integrid™ IS Fence System is designed to work in conjunction with Gibraltar’s patented Combination Fence to provide a seamless integrated Class 1 Fence along with anti-vehicle barrier (AVB).

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