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Gibraltar offers two different active bollard solutions that have been crash-test certified.

anti ram bollards

The G-1752 Active Bollard has been crash-tested and certified to ASTM F2656-20 M50 P2 requirements with a maximum penetration of 1.861 meters (6.1 ft) as a stand-alone bollard. Gibraltar can offer this security bollard engineered to an M50 P1 rating when installed in an array of two or more bollards.

This active bollard solution is offered in full electric operation with an industry leading IP69K rated stainless steel motor. We also offer this bollard in hydraulic and manual operation for sites that may need those options. Operation speeds are programmable 3-5 second deployment with EFO operations of less than 2 seconds.

Our G-1631D Deployable Bollard has been crash-tested to ASTM F3016-19 S30 P1 requirements with a maximum penetration of 9.93 inches as a stand-alone bollard. This active bollard solution is currently offered in manual and hydraulic operation.

anti ram bollards
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