Gibraltar strives to provide a product that is simple in design to assist the installation teams placing products in the ground. Our core team has a combined experience level of 150+ years in the high security fencing and barrier industry.

The Power of Innovation

In the barrier world, not every site is the same and no single solution is perfect, but with Gibraltar’s large portfolio of certified and engineer rated barrier and fence products, we have a solution for your need.


Active Barriers

Gibraltar’s line of active vehicle barriers (AVB) are designed for critical vehicle access control points or other entry locations. All AVBs utilize movable parts to impede unwanted access to the controlled site, many of which are power-assisted; these movable parts can be operated either manually or mechanically at a moment’s notice to allow authorized traffic and prevent unauthorized access to critical facilities. All active barriers are crash certified or engineer rated, including vertical lift barriers, wedge barriers, slide gates, drop arms, and swing gates. Gibraltar Barriers are listed on many approved AVB lists, including the US Department of State and the US Department of Defense.

Passive Barriers

Gibraltar’s line of passive vehicle barriers (PVBs) are designed to prevent access to critical facilities on a consistent, ongoing basis. The anti-ram bollards and perimeter fencing in our passive barrier line are crash tested to ASTM F-2656 and ASTM F-3016 specifications. These barriers are capable of absorbing shock and transmitting energy from the impact region to the barrier’s foundation. These barriers can be used in combination with our active vehicle barriers to provide 360-degree protection of a facility or asset. Gibraltar’s passive vehicle barriers are certified to S30/P1 at the ASTM F-3016 level and M30/P1 (K4) through M50/P1 (K12) at the ASTM F-2656 level. Many of our passive barriers can be found on the US Department of Defense Approved Barrier List.

Palisade Fencing

Gibraltar’s high-quality steel palisade fence systems are manufactured in the United States, using US steel. These fence systems offer the utmost in perimeter security, utilizing the classic double horizontal running rail with sturdy steel vertical pales. Multiple configurations are available for a wide variety of needs, including straight pale and curved pale as well as anti-climb pale spacings which are more closely spaced than the standard. For the most secure facilities requiring durable perimeter fencing, combine palisade fencing with anti-ram G-FORCE crash rated fencing for anti-personnel and anti-vehicle protection. All types of palisade fencing are available at multiple heights in galvanized steel or powder coated finishes.